Wonkette’s Weekend Live Chat Will Spill All The Tea!

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Welcome to this week’s live chat! Why, yes, that is a photo of the insanely talented Justine Davis Denson as the Mad Hatter from Cafe Nordo’s Down the Rabbit Hole, playing now in Seattle. Justine is so brilliant she makes even my words funny.

Today, I’m joined by Wonkette’s Jamie Lynn Crofts and we’re gonna discuss the crazy week in bad law. I mean, that Kyle Rittenhouse judge stopped during court to rag on Jeffrey Toobin. And potential jurors were dismissed from the Ahmaud Arbery trial if they thought the Confederate flag was racist. There’s a lot to talk about over the next hour, and I promise to just smile and nod while Jamie handles the law-talking.

As always, the jam of the year starts at 12:30 pm PT/3:30 pm ET. We hope you remembered to set your clocks back. Please watch below and share with your friends. Once we’re done, it’s officially your Open Thread.

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