What To Do If You Accidentally Took Double Dose Of Losartan

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Although rear, there are occurrences of patients who have accidentally taken a double dose of Losartan, especially because they have missed a dose, and they discovered when it’s almost time for the next dose. While taking the missed dose and the next at the same time isn’t the right thing to do, what can you do when such happens?

Losartan is a drug for treating heart conditions, high blood pressure, and kidney issues, especially if the patient has diabetes. It is a prophylactic medication against stroke, heart attacks, and heart and kidney failure. Due to the nature of illnesses it caters to, it is not readily available to the public, but can only be gotten through prescription.

In this article, we will discuss the function of Losartan and why some people use it. We will also talk about the recommended dosage for patients and the side effects that come with using this medication. Ultimately, you will be able to know what to do when you have accidentally taken a double dose of Losartan.

What is Losartan and why Use it?

The heart is the central organ for blood circulation throughout the human body. It requires some amount of pressure to ensure all parts of the body, especially the extremities, receive adequate blood supply; therefore, blood pressure is a normal thing. However, blood pressure can be higher or lower than it should be. Losartan is a drug that is used to lower a high blood pressure. It is also used to treat kidney conditions in diabetic patients, and it is usually sold under the brand name, Cozaar.

Losartan belongs to a class of drugs called Angiotensin II receptor antagonists; they help to keep blood vessels wide and consequently, reduces blood pressure and improves blood flow. In some individuals with heart conditions and diabetes, they are used to treat kidney damage, although it only slows down the damage.

In summary, Losartan is a prescription drug that is used to lower blood pressure by keeping the blood vessels wide, and improves blood flow. It is usually not the first-choice drug but is recommended after using another blood pressure controlling drug that causes dry cough. It is also the choice drug for preventing heart failure, and slowing down kidney damage in diabetic patients.

Is Losartan Bad for You?

Losartan is not inherently bad for patients that use it. It helps them to live a healthier life than they would normally lead without it. With losartan, a patient that is diabetic and is struggling with kidney damage, may have a better chance at life by using Losartan. It helps to slow the kidney damage, at least, till that time when a kidney transplant can be done.

For patients living with hypertension, and have some risk of heart failure, Losartan helps them to lower the pressure ion their blood vessels, giving their heart an easier work to do. They live healthier, feel more whole, and lead a normal life.

Double dose of Losartan can lead to serious medical emergency.

Double dose of Losartan can lead to serious medical emergency.However, due to the serious health issues Losartan deal with, there is a widespread thought among the public about how good Losartan is for patients. It is important to state that Losartan is relatively safe, considering the health conditions it addresses, and it does not readily cause harm to organs within the human body. It is, however, preferable to use other hypertension-control drugs, than Losartan, if the patient is not diabetic, and does not have any kidney issue.

Also, Losartan is a bad drug choice for a pregnant patient. It is not advisable that any pregnant patient should use this drug. In fact, no doctor will prescribe Losartan for their patient if she’s pregnant and wishes to carry the child to term. Losartan may cause the death of the fetus in the second or third trimester of pregnancy. Therefore, if you’re on this drug and you discover that you’re pregnant, stop medication and inform your doctor immediately.

Side Effects of Losartan

There are common side effects to using Losartan. These side effects are not considered medical emergencies but endeavor to inform your doctor of everything you feel when you use the medication. They include insomnia, diarrhea, muscle cramps, dry cough, legs or back pain, tiredness, among others. With these side effects, you may need to stop medication; therefore, inform your doctor of your side effects.

Serious side effects that require immediate medical attention include faintness, urine retention, pain while urinating, chest pain, shortness of breath, rapid heart rate, and slow heart rate, among others. Call your doctor immediately you feel any of these side effects.

Dosages of Losartan

Losartan for adult hypertensive patients start at 50 mg, to be take orally, once a day. However, a maximum dosage of 100 mg should not be exceeded daily, even in diabetic nephropathy and left ventricular hypertrophy patients. In younger hypertension patients, usually between 6 years old and older, a daily oral dosage of 0.7 mg per kg of their body weight is recommended. That amounts to a maximum of 50 mg of Losartan daily.

Dosage adjustments for renal and liver conditions are best given by a doctor.

What if You Accidentally Took Double Dose of Losartan?

In a case where a patient accidentally takes a double dose of Losartan, it is advisable to call your doctor immediately. However, it is safer to avoid a case of double dose Losartan ingestion, as it may come with serious medical consequences.

To aid with prevention of such occurrence, don’t take a dose of Losartan if you have missed the last one, and the next is around the corner. In other words, if you miss a dose, take the next dose.


Losartan is a prescription drug used to treat hypertension, prevent stroke, heart failure, and slow kidney damage in patients that are diabetic. It is possible to take a double dose of Losartan, but rare. However, when such occurs, consult your doctor immediately. Also, if you miss a dose of Losartan, take the next dose; don’t compensate or the missed dose by taking a double dose.

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