What Clothes to Wear in the Great Bear Rainforest Packing List

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What to Pack for Outdoors

There’s a saying, there is “no bad weather, just bad gear.” In the Great Bear Rainforest it’s a good notion to take to heart since weather is so volatile.


Pack layers. On a sunny summer day, you may want a t-shirt, but when clouds appear, the temperature drops.


Merino wool is the best investment. It’s warm but not too heavy and anti-microbial, which means they stay fresher longer between washings.

I wear Woolx tops and bottoms. The lightweight version is a little flimsy and see-through, but I like the mid and heavyweight items a lot.


Include long sleeves and short sleeves with quick-dry fabric.

Sweater or fleece.

Be sure to pack a couple of fleeces and/or a warm sweater to wear over your layers.

Lightweight puffy coat

For extra chilly moments, a packable puffy coat is immensely useful as another layer of warmth, especially when it rains.


On cooler days, jeans are fine if you have rain pants you can wear over your denim, but not good if they get wet.

Shorts or lightweight hiking pants are good on warm days.

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