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We asked Travel Beyond owner Craig Beal, South America product manager Jennifer Gillmore, travel associate Nicole Cooper, director of sales Jenny Mikkelson, Asia product manager Dianna Upton, and consultant Bob Gaston for their top tips about travel to Argentina.

If I could give one piece of advice about traveling to Argentina, I would say:
Jennifer: While the natural destinations in Argentina often beckon eager travelers first, don’t rush through Buenos Aires. The city combines European charm with Latin influences to create a hub of lively culture. Grand hotels, stylish boutiques, world class museums, and some of best restaurants in the world can be found here. Each neighborhood has its own personality inviting visitors with intricate architecture, vibrant street art, eclectic markets and local hang outs. I highly recommend a stay of at least 2-3 nights to kick off your Argentina adventure.
Dianna: Plan for incredible meals – but remember that locals eat late! Don’t be surprised if you are sitting for dinner at 9PM in an almost empty restaurant!
Craig: Leave a day at the end in Buenos Aires to eat (what I think is) the most flavorful steak on earth!
Jenny: Be ready for weather change, especially when traveling during the summer months. From rainforest at Iguazu Falls, heat/humidity in Buenos Aires and usually lower temps the further south you go (Patagonia).
Nicole: Buenos Aires is wonderful! While it is referred to the ‘Paris of the South,’ the city has its own wonderful and unique vibe with delicious food. It is also the birthplace of Tango, so be sure to take in a show!

One “can’t miss” experience in Argentina is:
Dianna: Wine tasting in Mendoza with the Andes as your backdrop, preferably at my favorite spot of Cavas Wine Lodge.
Craig: Add a little extra time to hike in El Chalten. With all of the beautiful hiking available in Argentina, El Chalten is the area that has been crowned the country’s National Capital of Trekking!
Jennifer, Bob and Nicole: A glacier trek in Patagonia is not to be missed! After cruising by boat past the massive face of either Perito Moreno or Viedma Glacier, strap on your crampons and set out for an exciting walk atop the ice to witness the formations from a different perspective. Make your way across hills and valleys as you witness varying shades of blue and white in the surrounding tunnels and crevasses. Truly a once in a lifetime experience! The sounds of the glacier breaking off into the lake is unreal and much louder than you’d expect. It’s even better if you can be there when the ice arch collapses, but as this only happens every few years it is impossible to predict.
Jenny: You must see a tango show! For added fun, book a private lesson!

My favorite thing about Argentina is:
Dianna: The food! From the steaks of Buenos Aires and the pampas, to the cheeses and chocolates of Bariloche, to the wine in Mendoza – yummm!
Craig: Seeing a steak the size of a football placed in front of you at Don Julio – with only a glass of wine from Mendoza for a side dish.
Jenny: Being able to experience rainforest of Iguazu Falls, the vibrant and cultural city experience of Buenos Aires, being outdoors in the Patagonia region and hiking the glacier in El Calafate.
Nicole: The blend of European and Latin culture melds a little of this and that to make something truly remarkable.

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