‘Succession’ season 3 premiere

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Yacht trips are so much better when it turns into “The Hunger Games” onboard. (Graeme Hunter/HBO)

Much like Ted Lasso always asks of his team, I am, in fact, a goldfish. My terrible memory is both a blessing (because I only remember my enemies and never my regrets) and a curse (because I’m terrible at trivia). 

For my fellow goldfish, who know they watched a show called “Succession” but can’t remember what happened in Season 2, here’s a refresher:

Logan Roy (Brian Cox): Season 2 ends with Big Daddy Boss Man prepared to sacrifice his oldest son in order to clear the company’s name amid accusations of wrongdoing involving its cruise division. The scandal — a seed planted in Season 1 — involved payouts to cover up lots of things like sexual exploitation and other bad stuff. After a lengthy game of whogonnadoit on a yacht, the patriarch decided that Kendall. Logan never says it but he knows that his son owes him big after he bailed him out of that pesky accidental murder back in England. If Kendall took responsibility for the scandal, he thought, shareholders’ desire for Roy blood would be satisfied and authorities would have someone to hold legally responsible. All was going well until…

Kendall Roy (Jeremy Strong): At the press conference where Kendall was supposed to take responsibility, he turned the tables and pinned the whole thing on his dad. He’s nothing if not persistent in his desire to be the last one standing — even if he can’t actually stand because Logan is going to break his legs. 

Greg (Nicholas Braun): Greg was there when Kendall dropped the bomb at the press conference, so I guess he’s Team Kendall? “Was there” is a great way to describe Greg generally, which is why so many people love him, I think. 

Siobhan “Shiv” Roy (Sarah Snook): Last season saw Logan’s beloved “Pinky” get the middle finger from her father many times. He’s dangled the main job over her head, and while Shiv and the audience know she’d be a good leader, he’s slow to let her feel too sturdy in her standing. Meanwhile, her marriage is in a weird place…

Tom Wambsgans (Matthew Macfadyen): If being the spouse to a Roy doesn’t look like an easy job, it’s because it’s probably not. I’d imagine it’s much like being murdered while sleeping in very fancy sheets — it’s great and luxurious until it’s horrible. At least, that seemed like Tom’s experience last season, particularly in the finale when it looked like Shiv was pushing for him to be the sacrificial lamb. Tom didn’t appreciate this and took the opportunity to tell her so and express that he’s unhappy with the idea of being in an open marriage, as she’d proposed. He also mentioned that he’s pretty unhappy in general. Ouch. 

Roman Roy (Kieran Culkin): No one really cares what happened to Roman last season. They just want Gerri and Roman to get…better acquainted. Sorry to be the messenger if this is somehow news to you. Also, congrats on visiting the internet for the first time. 

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