See Russell Wilson’s Surprise For Ciara’s 36th Birthday

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Russell Wilson: football quarterback, father, husband, philanthropist, and as of Monday, undercover poet. To celebrate Ciara’s 36th birthday on Oct. 25, the all-star athlete shared a touching tribute for his wife of five years, and I can’t help but swoon over his heartfelt words. While posting an Instagram gallery of throwback and recent photos of Ciara, Russell wrote, “Perfect in every way. God made you for me. He made you to fit perfectly in my arms. Made you to be the amazing woman and mother you are. God made you to entertain the world with your gift to sing & dance!” He geotagged their location as “Heaven,” naturally.

His caption continued, “[God] gifted you with the ability to Tilt the room.. when you walk in ALL the furniture slides towards you. He gifted you with the ability to smile and bring joy to ALL things! Gifted you with the ability to LOVE. Happy Birthday my Queen.” And so was born my new favorite compliment — if my future partner doesn’t claim that I have the ability to tilt rooms and slide furniture, I don’t want ’em, frankly.

Meanwhile, over on his Instagram Stories, Russell gave fans a peek at the swanky birthday date he planned for her at Seattle’s Space Needle, featuring plenty of rose petals. Ciara later shared a video of the sweet surprise on her Instagram, writing, “Wow Babe @DangeRussWilson Thank You for loving me the way you do! ❤️ I didn’t have much growing up, but I can say I had a lot of love. That feeling made me feel like I could conquer the world. That’s how you make me feel. Like a little girl all over again. I love you so much!”

Ciara and Russell certainly haven’t been shy about proclaiming their love for one another this year. Back in September, Ciara repped her husband at the Met Gala by wearing a sequined dress inspired by his Seattle Seahawks jersey, and over the summer, they celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary with a romantic Italian vacation. I know the term #RelationshipGoals is a bit outdated at this point, but these two truly embody it through and through.

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