Scott to pay for victims’ funerals amid lawsuits over concert

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Nurse reveals chaos of Astroworld in detailed eye-witness account

Travis Scott has offered to cover the costs of the funerals for the eight victims of Friday’s deadly crowd surge at the Astroworld Festival.

Mr Scott also announced on Monday afternoon he was partnering with BetterHelp to provide free therapy for anyone impacted by the tragedy.

The rapper and the organisers of the Houston festival are facing more than a dozen lawsuits related to the crowd surge that claimed eight lives and injured 300.

At least 11 lawsuits were filed in Harris County on Monday against Mr Scott and Live Nation Entertainment, several had already been filed over the weekend.

Injured festivalgoer Manuel Souza’s lawsuit alleges organisers failed to provide enough emergency personnel to prevent the tragedy and allowed the show to continue even as the danger escalated, NBC News reported

Another survivor, Cody Hartt, told how he pleaded with festival staff for help but was told the performance couldn’t be stopped because it was being streamed live on Apple Music.

At least two criminal investigations are also underway into the deadly stampede which took place on the opening night of the Astroworld music festival in Houston, Texas.

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Astroworld victim had ‘life squeezed out of’ him and was ‘trampled on like a piece of trash,’ says family lawyer

The father of 21-year-old Astroworld victim Alex Acosta says he had the “life squeezed out of” him and was “trampled on like a piece of trash” during Friday’s deadly crowd surge.

Read Andrew Buncombe’s latest as the Acosta family and their attorneys hold a press conference to discuss the tragedy, which claimed the lives of eight people and left hundreds injured.

Bevan Hurley8 November 2021 21:12


Travis Scott offers to pay funeral expenses for victims

The “mass casualty incident” that occurred during Scott’s set also left hundreds injured. Those who died were between 14 and 27 years old.

Scott said on Monday he will pay the funeral expenses for those who died at the event in Houston, Texas and will also offer mental health support to those affected by the events.

Elizabeth Aubrey has the full story…

Bevan Hurley8 November 2021 20:59


Watch live as lawsuit filed against Travis Scott and Live Nation over Astroworld tragedy

A Texas law firm is holding a news conference on Monday afternoon to discuss a lawsuit being filed on behalf of Alex Acosta, who died at the Astroworld festival on Friday.

Mr Acosta and at least seven other people were killed following a crowd surge as rapper Travis Scott performed on stage.

Hundreds more were hurt at the music event, which is now under investigation by police.

The incident has left grieving families demanding answers, while one injured concertgoer has already sued Scott and surprise performer Drake, accusing them of inciting the crowd.

Watch live as lawsuit filed on behalf of Astroworld victim Alex Acosta

A Texas law firm is holding a news conference on a lawsuit being filed on behalf of Alex Acosta, who died at the Astroworld festival last Friday (5 November).Mr Acosta and at least seven other people were killed following a crowd surge as rapper Travis Scott performed on stage.Hundreds more were hurt at the music event, which is now under investigation by police.The incident has left grieving families demanding answers, while one injured concertgoer has already sued Scott and surprise performer Drake, accusing them of inciting the crowd.Sign up to our breaking news email alerts here.

Bevan Hurley8 November 2021 20:41


Video resurfaces of Travis Scott encouraging fans to beat up man who tried to steal his shoe at concert

Video has emerged of rapper Travis Scott encouraging fans to attack a man who attempted to steal his shoe as he crowd-surfed at a concert in 2015.

The incident occurred at the Openair Festival in Switzerland as Scott jumped into the crowd as part of the performance.

A fan then tried to steal his expensive Yeezy sneakers, prompting him to pause midway through a song and climb on top of a security barrier to identify the perpetrator.

He shouted into the microphone: “Get that motherf****r, get him!”

Oliver O’Connell has the full details…

Bevan Hurley8 November 2021 20:05


Astroworld under fire as promotional video showing chaos at past gigs remains online after eight killed

Travis Scott and the organisers of Astroworld have come under fire after a promotional video showing chaos at the last festival has surfaced in the aftermath of Friday’s tragedy.

The video, which was posted on Astroworld Festival’s official Instagram account on 5 May to drum up interest in the 2021 event, features a montage of clips which appear to celebrate the rowdiness of the crowds at the 2019 festival which also left some fans in hospital.

Attendees are seen stampeding through the gates into the event, storming over the metal security barricades and pushing each other in a mosh pit.

The video has come to light as survivors and victims’ families demand answers over what led to Friday’s deadly incident.

Rachel Sharp has the full story…

Bevan Hurley8 November 2021 19:53


Travis Scott played on for almost 40 minutes after ‘mass casualty incident’ was declared at Astroworld

Travis Scott continued to perform for almost 40 minutes after a “mass casualty incident” had been declared at Astroworld Festival in Houston, Texas, on Friday, it has been revealed.

The rapper and organiser of the doomed event took to the stage for his performance at around 9pm on Friday night.

Houston Fire Chief Samuel Peña said in a press conference on Saturday morning that officials declared a “mass casualty incident” at about 9.38pm and the promoter Live Nation agreed to shut the event down.

However, Mr Scott continued to perform for another 37 minutes until around 10.15pm, according to the Houston Chronicle.

The Independent’s Rachel Sharp has the full story…

Bevan Hurley8 November 2021 19:40


Videos show Astroworld concertgoers climbing camera tower to beg for help

Videos circulating on TikTok and Twitter show a young woman and a young man climbing up a ladder to a camera platform and shouting at the operator to intervene, to no avail.

“There’s someone dead in there! There is someone dead!” the woman shouts. The operator seems to ignore them, alternating between shooing them away and focusing on his camera.

Other videos showed people in the crowd chanting “stop the show! Stop the show!” It is unclear when exactly these incidents happened.

The Independent’s Io Dodds has the full story…

Bevan Hurley8 November 2021 19:15


What is a crowd surge?

The Independent’s Sheila Flynn reports that mass casualty events from crowd surges are not uncommon.

Previous tragedies include the 1989 Hillsborough disaster – which left 97 people dead after a football match in Sheffield, England – to the 2003 Rhode Island nightclub fire in West Warwick, Rhode Island, that killed 100 people and injured 230.

“At occupancies of about 7 persons per square meter the crowd becomes almost a fluid mass,” John Fruin, a retired research engineer with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, explained in a 1993 paper, The Causes and Prevention of Crowd Disasters.

“Shock waves can be propagated through the mass sufficient to lift people off of their feet and propel them distances of 3 m (10 ft) or more. People may be literally lifted out of their shoes, and have clothing torn off. Intense crowd pressures, exacerbated by anxiety, make it difficult to breathe.”

The New Yorker published an extensive exploration of crowds and how to keep them safe in 2011.

“Some people die standing up; others die in the pileup that follows a ‘crowd collapse,’ when someone goes down, and more people fall over him,” the article – titled Crush Point – found.

The piece continued: “In popular accounts, they are almost invariably described as ‘panics.’ The crowd is portrayed as a single, unified entity, which acts according to ‘mob psychology’—a set of primitive instincts (fear, followed by flight) that favor self-preservation over the welfare of others, and cause ‘stampedes’ and ‘tramplings.’”

People are usually “moving toward something they want, rather than away from something they fear” The New Yorker article explains, and, if you’re caught in the crush, “you’re just as likely to die on your feet as under the feet of others”.

Travis Scott Astroworld Tragedy: Everything We Know

Bevan Hurley8 November 2021 18:45


Fans filmed jumping on emergency carts at festival

Viral videos from the Astroworld music festival in Houston have emerged, showing the scale of the stampede that left eight people dead and hundreds injured on Friday.

Videos that have gone viral on social media sites such as Reddit and Twitter show medical services personnel struggling to go through the crowd of dancing concertgoers at Houston’s NRG stadium as they attempted to rescue those who had been injured.

Around 50,000 people were in attendance when part of the crowd began to rush towards the stage during rapper Travis Scott’s performance. At least two investigations, one of them criminal, have been launched into the deadly concert.

The Independent’s Sravasti Dasgupta has more…

Bevan Hurley8 November 2021 18:15


Texas police chief says he warned Travis Scott hours before Astroworld tragedy

The chief of the Houston Police personally warned Travis Scott about crowd control just hours before eight fans died during the tragedy at Astroworld Festival, according to media reports.

A source with knowledge of Houston Police Chief Troy Finner’s account of the day told the New York Times that he had visited the rapped at his trailer before he took to the stage on Friday in front of 50,000 fans in Houston, Texas.

Chief Finner, who knows Mr Scott personally, is said to have relayed his concerns about the energy of the crowd which he said would include very devoted fans.



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