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Zumba has always been my healing therapy.

I started dancing Zumba about 10 years ago.

Whenever I had too much stress at work or at home and I would follow a Zumba Class.

I would be refreshed and recharged with energy.

In 2018, destiny put me for the first time in front of a class.

I was scared as hell but at that moment we started dancing.

The energy was flowing and I felt like a fish in the water, however, I noticed that I was missing technique.

It was then when I decided to take my Zumba license in February 2020.

Unfortunately, it was just when the pandemic started but that didn’t stop me.

With the help and the tools, Zumba provided I was able to bring classes to students virtually and we kept ongoing.

Now everything is going back to normal I have opened my own studio and I am teaching there twice a week.

I have continued to extend my knowledge of the various Zumba programs to bring more fun and healthy style to my students.

Zumba has changed my life and I hope it reaches many more people and changes their lives too.

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