Porsha Williams Has Fans Excited With A Message About Her Book

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Porsha Williams has a lot of fans excited with the message that she shared about her book. Check it out here.

‘THIS JUST IN! With the supply chain issues you’ve probably seen in the news, the release date of my book is moving back juuuust a bit to NOVEMBER 30. If you’ve already pre-ordered, look for your book to arrive the last week of November! If you haven’t ordered, you can do that today or add it to your Cyber Monday shopping cart. Thank you for all the love and support I am so excited for you all to read my story #ThePursuitOfPorsha ((LINK FOR PURCHASE IN MY BIO))’ Porsha captioned her post.

Someone said: ‘Supply chain impacting practically everything. We’re patiently waiting Queen.’

Porsha also shared a post featuring her hubby and fans are in love with the way he treats her.

Someone said; ‘I was a bit turned off by this relationship at the start of it. However, everyone deserves to be this happy in their relationships.’

A fan posted this: ‘I love that he allows you to be yourself. Unlike your first hubby!’

Porsha Williams   shared a motivational message on her social media account, which was appreciated by fans. Check out the post that she shared on IG below.

‘You. Are. Worthy. Fight for the person you are and are becoming. It might be the most honorable work you ever do. Swipe to see me more from #ThePursuitOfPorsha or check the link in my bio for more info on my book!’ Porsha captioned her post.

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