Nordstrom Just Dropped the Most Stylish Sweatshirt Ever

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Remember the good old days when we were but mere young college students just trying to get from one class to the other until it was time for the weekend? Though we had lots of classwork to do it truly felt like we didn’t have a single care in the world — and that definitely reflected in our everyday wardrobes.

We’re not talking about our outfits for a night on the town — we’re talking about our everyday getup that mostly consisted of leggings and sweats. After graduating and entering the workforce, most of us can’t get away with wearing this look much anymore. We definitely wish we could and, luckily for Us, Nordstrom just dropped this stylish sweatshirt that we might actually be able to get away with wearing on a regular basis — just like we did during our college years.


See it: Get the Zella Nola Wrap Sweatshirt for just $89, available at Nordstrom here! 

We know, we know — sweatshirts are reserved for post-workout ensembles most of the time. But hear us out! This one can definitely be styled to be appropriate for more than just after spin class. The Zella Nola Wrap Sweatshirt upgrades the traditional uniform sweatshirt into one that’s more stylish and therefore more acceptable to wear for a variety of occasions.

This sweatshirt is meant to have an oversized fit that’s slouchy, which is definitely on trend for the fall season. It’s also cut in a wrap-style which is unlike any kind of sweatshirt that we’ve seen before. It features a single snap closure at the top of the collar and an open front that’s wide. The wide, oversized feel that this sweatshirt gives off coupled with the fleece lining definitely makes this feel cozy like a blanket.

The collar on this sweatshirt also makes for a super interesting look. It’s wide and drapes over the shoulders with a drawstring running through its hem, and you can scrunch the collar as little or as much as you’d want. The sleeves are a classic long length and are fitted with ribbed cuffs at the ends. There are also two open pockets on either side for your convenience.

Zella Nola Wrap Sweatshirt

See it: Get the Zella Nola Wrap Sweatshirt for just $89, available at Nordstrom here! 

We love that this sweatshirt is super stylish, which makes us think that it’s even fashionable enough to wear to work. If you throw this over a T-shirt that’s tucked into a pair of dark jeans with a nice pair of black booties it’s definitely appropriate for a casual office environment. Another bonus? It also makes for a comfy Sunday morning brunch outfit.

We definitely wish we could wear this sweatshirt everyday in life like we used to in college, but chances are you’ll most likely see us wearing this on the way out of the gym. It’s the perfect sweater to throw on after a great workout, or even when we’re just running errands and want to don a cute athleisure look. Pair this with your favorite high waisted leggings, a sports bra and a pair of cute sneakers and out the door you go!

We all have those lazy days when we feel like not thinking about what to wear and put on our favorite crewneck sweatshirt that we’ve had for ages. But why not elevate our lazy day look with the Zella Nola Wrap Sweatshirt? We guarantee that it’ll quickly become your new fave go-to item.

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