Jen Psaki Destroys Peter Doocy And Fox’s Talking Point About Biden And The Border

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Press Secretary Jen Psaki took apart Peter Doocy and Fox News’s talking point about Biden needing to visit the border.


Doocy kept pushing on whether Biden thought that he needed to the border for a photo op, and Psaki responded, “He doesn’t, and I would say that is a fundamental disagreement he has.  I would say the former president went to the border at least once, maybe more, you may know the numbers. How did that immigration policy result? That immigration policy resulted in separating kids from their peers, building a border wall that is feckless and cost billions of dollars for taxpayers. The president fundamentally disagrees and how we need to approach the immigration issue.”

Jen Psaki does a public service to the American people each time that she blows up a bogus Fox News talking point on national television. Republicans are always running to the border for photo-ops, but they never pass an immigration reform policy that solves the problem.

Republicans don’t want to solve the border problem. They want to use the racism of border politics as a GOP Get Out The Vote tool. They want to scowl and look tough but do nothing in policy terms to fix a decades-long issue.

Press Secretary Psaki put Peter Doocy’s Fox News lies in their place and reminded everyone that visiting the border isn’t the same as an actual immigration policy beyond racist demagoguery.

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