How to Start Traveling Alone For the First Time Successfully

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Solo Travel Tip #5: Travel Insurance

I’m a big fan of travel insurance, especially if I am going someplace remote and want to be confident that I have proper medical care or flown out should I have an emergency.

My dad and stepmother canceled a trip to Russia at the last minute due to a close friend’s illness and received full reimbursement. It’s just a smart idea.

To find the right coverage, I recommend insuremytrip, a site that enables you to compare policies from multiple companies at once.

Medex is worth checking out too if medical and evacuation assistance to the hospital of your choice, including repatriation.

Medjet is insurance that is in addition to your standard travel insurance. Should you need medical care, Medjet will make sure you are taken to the hospital of your choice, in your home country. Unless your standard travel insurance is covered for repatriation, they will take you to the “nearest acceptable facility.” I don’t know about you, but I’d prefer to determine what is “acceptable,” especially if I am in a remote destination or third world.

(Note: In the age of Coronavirus, however, Medjet cannot evacuate travelers if borders are closed due to Covid or other reasons.)

Solo Travel Tip #6: Don’t Travel in a Bubble When Traveling Alone

While in your destination, Don’t be shy: Proactively engage in conversation with those around you, especially locals. Ask them what activities they love to do in the area. Where they like to eat. Are there any special festivals or events taking place you should know about?

Get an insider’s view. (Don’t let not speaking the language inhibit you. Ask those who are likely to speak your language: A concierge, a staff member at a museum or other popular tourist attractions, taxi drivers.

Connect with tradition: Try at least one new cultural something every day of your trip. It can be large or small: a new type of food, shop a unique store, try a traditional activity.

For more ideas, check out my piece Best Travel Advice: 10 Tips to Help You Break Out of Your Bubble.

The Most Important Advice I can Impart for First Time Solo Travel.

Have fun. Embrace the adventure. Take things in stride. Yes, something will go wrong but whatever it is it doesn’t have to ruin your trip. Truth be told, some of my fondest memories are the result of getting lost, missing a flight, or my car breaking down.

It’s all part of the journey both inside and out.

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