Facebook Is A DOG

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facebook is deleting many accounts for no respective reasons

we suggest you if you have important things in your facebook… Like pages, groups with alots or users init you must make accounts out side of facebook to some other communities and ask people to follow you there. because facbook will block you anytime and they wont unlock you…. and that time you will not be able do to anything against them. all you can do is cry over your hard work that you did for years.

recently i lost my account that i was using for more then 10 years. and facebook blocked it by saying you dont follow our community standards. as far as i remember i did never share any thing wrong within facebook. and i dint even make any post to my facebook or pages for many time i was just in touch with friends. and the value i lost is more then 500k followers. and i cant even tell them im blocked nighter i could give them my contact or or other accounts…

why facebook is doing that?>

because they are afraid of losing more people from there community

already millions are leaving facebook. we dont ask you to leave it but you must use other platforms. if you only rely on facebook you will cry one day.

because facebook is  A DOG….

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