Emmanuel Macron facing Trump-like threat amid French border row

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France’s Emmanuel Macron faces a growing row over border security as the French far-right gear up to challenge in the country’s upcoming presidential elections. Political analyst Nikola  Mirkovic has described immigration as a hot topic with French voters, who he argues have grown angry over a lack of action over a number of decades. He told RT that the issue of illegal immigration in France was “starting to become a huge problem” politically.

Mr Mirkovic told RT: “Today, a lot of French people are just sick and tired really that no politicians in power these last ten years have tackled the issue of emigration.

“Nobody’s doing anything and you kind of feel that in France that the situation is that it’s very laxest and that nobody’s doing anything and it is creating problems, and these problems are not being tackled by the government”

“France has no policy real policy concerning immigration these past… say these past 20 years.

“This is starting to become a huge problem in France.”

He continued: “There are a lot of similarities between sort of right-wing movements which are gaining popularity here in France, and what Trump did in the US.

“I think that Trump finger pointed also the problems the identity problems that the Americans were facing and these issues are coming in France.

“Parties on the right in France want to build borders.

“They want to check what’s coming into the country they want to privilege the French workers, ahead of immigrant or foreign workers.”

He added: “Particularly in the current climate on another matter on fishing would be very bad behaviour.

“I think it would cause doubt among many people about the French willingness to pursue contracts or indeed to supply things that they’re supposed to be supplying, don’t forget this energy contract is a different contract to anything to do with the fishing side of things.

“So for the French to actually cut it would indicate they are bad commercial partners, and I don’t think the French want to be seen as bad commercial partners, given the volume of international trade and deals they do.”

Meanwhile, French political commentator Anne-Élisabeth Moutet has argued the President Macron has grown increasingly isolated due to the hardline position of France on UK fisheries.

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