A Guide to Sustainable Hotels and Tours

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Exodus Travels 

With over 600 itineraries in more than 100 countries worldwide (with a small selection in America), Exodus Travels, based in the UK, specializes in responsible wildlife, cultural, walking, trekking, cycling, and polar adventures, as well as train trips, vegetarian trips, and multi-country options among others.

If traveling with strangers isn’t your style, or perhaps you want to explore at your own pace, the company offers several European self-guided tours. Exodus will handle all the logistics, move your luggage between hotels, and, if needed, there is 24-hour emergency support.

“Treading lightly” has been the company’s maxim for almost a half-century, and but in the last few years, Exodus has turned things up a few notches with a foundation and a new initiative.

Four adorable bear cubs living in the area rewilded by Exodus Travels in the Apennines
Four adorable bear cubs living in the area rewilded by Exodus Travels in the Apennines | Photo: Exodus Travels

During the Pandemic, the Exodus Travels Foundation begun in 2019 created the Community Kickstart Project to support the local teams of leaders, operators, partners, drivers, and communities around them until travel is back to normal. To ensure crucial plans were quickly up and running, the company seeded the fund with nearly $15,000 and has raised a total of XX since its inception.

In 2020, Exodus added the more comprehensive People, Places, and Planet Plan sustainability strategy to proactively pursue positive impact through travel on the people they encounter, the places they visit, and the environment they enjoy, based on the UN’s SDGs. The enterprise is extensive, with varied approaches based on the needs of the region. (See the link above for all the details).

For example, the “Nature & Carbon Corridors Project” falling under the “Planet” plan, partners with Rewilding Europe.

Women in Nepal receiving Exodus Travels' Freedom Kit Bags
Women in Nepal receiving Exodus Travels’ Freedom Kit Bags | Photo: Exodus Travels

“We’re looking to, over five years, rewild five nature corridors (approximately 19 square miles) in the Italian Apennines, which essentially will enable the safe passage of wildlife between the national parks in the area,” says Kasia Morgan Exodus’ Head of Sustainability and Community.

One hundred square meters (120 square yards) is rewilded on behalf of each Exodus guest. As you might have guessed, rewilding also provides an effective Carbon compensation estimated at 85,000 tons of carbon over the partnership’s duration. In addition, Exodus offsets all the carbon produced during their trips.

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