25 Things To Know Before Visiting New Zealand

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Visiting New Zealand is high on almost every bucket list, and even if you have been, I’m sure you’ll want to go back!

Great advice before you travel to New Zealand

This post is from Gino on his travel blog that he runs with his wife, Kristine, My Next Flight Home. It’s not your usual ‘What to see in New Zealand’ or bucket list adventures, it’s a great list of advice that you should heed before visiting.

I’ll let Gino explain further:

“I remember getting pumped to visit New Zealand and having a well prepared itinerary for our trip. The different activities we’re going to do and the sights we can’t wait to explore are all specifically notated on my phone. But as soon as we landed at the airport, some unexpected things started unraveling.

I wrote this New Zealand travel guide for people visiting this beautiful country for the first time. So they’ll have an easier time than we did. After all, you can never be too prepared. Before you get too excited planning how to explore Middle Earth, here are some important things I wish I knew before our NZ trip.”

So, having been myself, I highly recommend this list of things to know before travelling to

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